Bike Hire                                         Bike Service

Cogwebs offers a diverse range of bicycles for your to hire. Whether you are a family looking to enjoy a leisurely ride and enjoy the lovely scenery. Else if you a more adept rider looking for a challenge whilst taking in the beautiful Clare Valley, we have you covered.

Various frame sizes of bicycles are available as well as tandem, tag along, child/baby seats and kiddie trainer. Cycle helmets are inclusive of the hire and are at AS2063 standard. Cycles are maintained after every use, if any problems with the bicycles arise you can call cogwebs for assistance. Self sealing tyres provide you, with an uninterrupted ride. Bicycles are fitted with pannier racks to carry your personal items. 

 If you choose to complete only part of the Riesling Trail or Rattler Trail or to start/finish at a point other than Auburn, Cogwebs can offer a drop off/pick up service. For those keen to explore further there are loop and link trails from the Riesling & the Rattler Trails, giving cyclists variety of terrian, longer and more energetic rides. Bicycles can be hired for half day - $25.00 or full day $40.00. 

Open 7 days 0830-6.00pm.

 For those wishing to enjoy early morning rides watching the sunrise or avoiding the heat of the day, in the hotter months, arrangements can be made for earlier collection of your cycle from cogwebs.

Bicycle Parts and Accessories

So who is this you ask ? It's our new bicycle mechanic, who also happens to be a keen motorbike rider, what a great mix!! Chris is here to service and repair your bicycles, we are also increasing our range of spare parts (for bicycles, not bodies!!)

Bicycle Parts Wholesale is one of COGWEBS suppliers (one of Australia's leading Bicycle Parts Wholesalers that sells only to Retail stores), with their enormous product range available for delivery to COGWEBS with two days lead time.

Pricing is strictly Only available through COGWEBS for this product range.
Look at the huge range of products available at:

 Ring Judy 0400 290 687, to book your bike in and come and say Hi to Chris.

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